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A Conversation with SnackGood

SnackGood is a multi-brand online platform that helps you order the best snacks, drinks, wellness and lifestyle products from SEA & beyond. They curate, feature, and support brands that are dedicated to making quality products as well as creating positive, lasting impacts. We had a great chat with SnackGood on my thoughts regarding gifting for new parents and below is the conversation taken from their blog.  Selected products from Bubsmamy are available with SnackGood for your own gift curation!  ----- Choosing a thoughtful, practical gift for a new mother in your life and her little one is a tricky task, isn’t it? It's no secret that parenting is a bittersweet time in the lives of most women. Delivering a baby is...

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Featured on Sassy Mama 2022

We are happy to be featured on Sassy Mama on their Best Newborn & Baby Gifts Guide Baby Checklist     When I decided to create the Perfect Diaper and Wipe Kit, my vision is to bring Confidence to new parents on making the best diaper/wipe brand decision for their newborn. I hope the Perfect Kits would fulfil the needs of our Parenthood community!     xx Rena  

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