A Conversation with SnackGood

A Conversation with SnackGood

SnackGood is a multi-brand online platform that helps you order the best snacks, drinks, wellness and lifestyle products from SEA & beyond.

They curate, feature, and support brands that are dedicated to making quality products as well as creating positive, lasting impacts.

We had a great chat with SnackGood on my thoughts regarding gifting for new parents and below is the conversation taken from their blog

Selected products from Bubsmamy are available with SnackGood for your own gift curation! 

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Choosing a thoughtful, practical gift for a new mother in your life and her little one is a tricky task, isn’t it?

It's no secret that parenting is a bittersweet time in the lives of most women. Delivering a baby is a wonderful experience, yet the first few weeks after the birth of a baby may be a roller coaster of emotions for the parents, and it can be hard to keep up with everything. The exhaustion, hormonal shifts, and the feeling of being cooped up at home are just a few of the challenges that a new mum can expect to go through. Not only does she have to deal with the physical recovery after childbirth, but a new mom is also bombarded with a massive amount of products available in the market for her newborn, which can easily stress her out.

Rena Rau, a mother of one and founder of Bubsmamy, has experienced it all. Bubsmamy is founded to help clueless and confused soon-to-be parents (like Rena in the first place) confidently embark on a new parenthood journey with the best and most thoughtful goodies.

We had a good chat with Rena a few days ago on her Bubsmary journey and her thoughts on choosing gifts for new parents. We hope you find these sharings useful when you’re looking for new parents & new baby gift hampers to encourage a new mom (and dad) in your life.

Q: So glad to have you here with us today, Rena. Before we start, share with us a bit more about yourself and Bubsmamy.

Hi, Minnie! Thank you for having me. The idea of Bubsmamy came right when I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl in 2020. I started Bubsmamy to address the diaper brand confusion issue that I have faced as a new mum. The number of brands in the market was overwhelming and every mum would want the best for their baby. A diaper kit with different brand samples in a box to try and test from is the most convenient way to start a parenthood journey!

The Baby Diapers & Wipes Discovery Box - Curated by Bubsmamy

Q: Tell us a bit more about your parenting journey. 

The journey was a little rocky at the beginning as we were not as prepared as other parents would be. We have just moved back to Singapore after being away for several years and it was starting fresh in a “new” country and being a new parent at the same time. On top of that, the world was battling the Covid-19 pandemic, and the uncertainties of the virus made the journey scarier. But besides that, the joy of learning how to be a parent was exciting, fun, and the greatest satisfaction ever in my life. 

Rena Rau - Mompreneur and Founder of Bubsmamy

Q: You started with The Diaper Kit from various brands in the market. However, we also notice that you have started developing your products under the Bubsmamy brand too. One that piques our curiosity the most is the Postpartum Kit. Tell us a bit more about your inspiration to create this care kit for moms who are going through vaginal birth.

Making kits convenient for new parents has always been the idea behind Bubsmamy. I was introduced to an instant cold maternity pad by a friend overseas and was amazed at how convenient postpartum healing can be. There weren't many options in Singapore and so I’ve decided to create a similar product as well. In this Postpartum Kit for Vaginal Birth, you will find MamyCool Instant Cool Maternity Pads and a Portable Bidet for relieving those postpartum pains. They cool and absorb postpartum bleeding at the same time, without having to do any preparation beforehand such as storing sanitary pads in the freezer overnight! 

Bubsmamy Postpartum Kit (Vaginal birth)

Q: We’re sure when your friends and family heard the news of your pregnancy and your new baby, there must be many surprise gifts sent to you. What was your favourite gift(s) you’ve received, and why did these gifts make it to your favourite list?

All the gifts we have received are lovely and thoughtful! But if I would have to choose, it would have to be the instant cold maternity pad and packets of small towels. I never knew small towels could be so useful until I had a baby! 

Q: That’s cool. We now have a new idea for what to include in our New Mom gift box. What other advice would you give to picking practical gifts for new parents & new babies? 

New parents would almost always be showered with lots of gifts and love, but many gifts are being left unused because many of the items are repeated. so I believe successful gifting includes unique and practical items that truly help newborn parents cope with the stressors of a new life.

Q: If you are curating a gift box for a new mom & new baby on SnackGood, what would you pick & why?

The following items would make a thoughtful baby hamper that is bound to make the new mom smile:

  • Bubsmamy Postpartum Kit (for Vaginal Birth): The pain and soreness in her sensitive area will be more bearable with this simple kit. Believe me, she will thank you for this.
  • Handmade Heroes Free The Nips Nursing Balm: Whether breastfeeding, pumping or a mix of those, the nipples are likely to get way more attention than they have in the past. Using a balm like this will reduce the risk of sore and irritated nipples for her through the whole baby feeding journey.
  • Handmade Heroes Drop Dead Gorgeous Dry Shampoo: It’s no secret that a new Mum is going to skip a good wash from time to time. This Dry Shampoo with bamboo charcoal and refreshing with peppermint and eucalyptus will sure to come to the rescue. No one will ever have to know she skips a hair day again!
  • Malo. Baby Nappy Rash Spray & Crème Bundle: This eco-luxe Nappy Rash Spray and Crème Bundle is a total game-changer and I know Mums will appreciate that during those sleepy nights. 
  • KHUSH Organic Muesli & Granola: Oats are a great milk supply boost for breastfeeding Mums. Other than that, they are a great and healthy quick breakfast option too!
Build Your Own Gift Box for New Mom

Q: When we had our first chat before the collaboration, you shared that the new dads are sometimes neglected and had a suggestion for the perfect Labour Survival Kit For Dad. What would you pick and include in that Kit?

Usually, all focus will be on Mums because of the delivery process, breastfeeding struggles, and postpartum healing. However, Dads are the heroes behind the scene as well with sleepless nights and also loving a new baby that they have never felt or seen before for the past 9 months in Mummies’ bellies. 

If you’re building a Labour Survival Kit for Dad with SnackGood’s Build Your Good Box, I suggest considering the following products:

  • Minor Figures Nitro Cold Brew Coffee: These ready-to-drink coffee cans would make a great gift option as he will be up all day and night supporting Mums through the labour process.
  • Zinger Vegan Shots: If the Dad favours healthier caffeine alternatives, these pocket-size drinks will sure to add a zing and offer a natural boost of energy when he needs it most.
  • With Love, Gretel Sprouted Superfoods, Seeds, and Nuts: Healthy snacks for those late-night hunger pangs would be extra useful for both parents during the first few months of adapting to a new routine. This is a range of yummy, healthy, and easy snacks. They also come in hassle-free and convenient packaging with resealable openings too. 
Labour Survival Kit for Dad - SnackGood

Q: Any other tips you have for new parents on how to better prepare themselves for the adventure ahead.

Just go with the flow and DO NOT ever compare yourself to others. The adventure ahead will be the steepest learning curve ever in your life. But it is fun and full of love and joy. Trust the process! 

Q: Being a new mom and starting Bubsmamy at the same time, it’s amazing that you managed it all. Do you have any advice for other mompreneurs-to-be, and when is a good time to start?

Anytime is a good time to start. Ideas do not have to be complete before starting a business. It is best to enjoy the process and improvise as you go. Set your priorities and do not beat yourself too much if something does not go your way. 

Being a Mum and having aspirations for a business hasn’t been easy. The biggest challenge has been fulfilling my Mum's duties and trying to be an entrepreneur at the same time. We did not have help with our baby so the business building process was slow in the beginning. But as soon as I decided on my priorities and took it easy, I am content every day just by living my best life! Of course, Bubsmamy is still improving in how it can best serve the community. But when we see repeated customers gifting our kits to their friends, I know that it has changed at least one new parent’s life. That is worth a celebration!

Q: Totally. We also have our little dances every time we received a text from customers saying their recipients enjoyed the gift selection. Before we wrap up for today, do you have any final sharings for SnackGood readers?

Encouraging a new mom (and dad) in your life during those early days of parenthood with practical gift choices is a way to show them just how much you care. We know, plants and flowers, as lovely as they may be, are simply one more thing for the mom (and dad) to look after. 

I believe thoughtful and purposeful gifting for every new parent will be a nice change from the traditional newborn hampers and gift sets. This is why the products that we choose to be featured in the collaboration with SnackGood would make practical, exclusive, and unique choices for new parent gifting.

From SnackGood - healthy snacks for those late-night hunger pangs during the first few months of adapting to a new routine, and wellness products that every new parent needs to pamper themselves from time to time.

From Bubsmamy - you can be 100% confident that these practical products will not be left unused with other traditional baby hampers. 

Thank you, Rena, for these lovely sharings. We love all the practical tips for picking a good gift for new parents and new babies. It’s been a great pleasure to have you today. Till next time!

Visit Snackgood.co for meaningful gifting now! Thank you for having me. (:




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