Collection: OiOi Insulated Bags

OiOi has been a trailblazer of practical solutions for busy parents, families and professionals for over two decades. It all began with the realisation that on-the-go parents needed more than just your run-of-the-mill, basic bags, lunch bags or lunch boxes – they needed insulated lunch bags and  lunch bags with shoulder straps that were not only practical but looked great too! 

These insulated bags needed to be capable of keeping food fresh and at the right temperature, whether it’s for carting food to a parkside picnic, taking a packed lunch to the office or sending your youngster to school with the best insulated bag on the block. For all new mamas out there, this will be great for storing your breast milk on the go! Pumping mamas be stylish too!

Stylish and Functional: OiOi's Best Insulated Bags

When it comes to insulated bags, OiOi has taken the bland and boring insulated bags on the market to entirely new heights. Our insulated bags seamlessly combine style and functionality, and we take pride in offering the very best insulated bag products. 

OiOi's insulated lunch bags and bags with shoulder straps are designed with the modern parent or professional in mind. They seamlessly blend practicality with aesthetics, ensuring that you can enjoy a lunch bag that keeps your food at the perfect temperature without compromising on the overall look of your lunch bag! Win! 

Finding Your Perfect Insulated Bag

At OiOi, we firmly believe that your individuality and unique style should never be compromised by boring and basic accessories. That's why we offer a wide range of chic designs for our insulated bags. No longer will you be burdened with boring, generic lunch bags, now you can keep your lunch cool in style! 

Our range of insulated bags is as diverse as our customers. Whether you prefer classic, minimalist designs, vibrant and playful patterns, or something in between, OiOi has the perfect lunch bag to suit you. Each bag is meticulously crafted to ensure it not only acts as one of the best insulated bags in the business, but it also matches your personality! 

The OiOi Difference

For us at OiOi, it's not just about offering stylish insulated bags, it's about delivering unwavering quality that both busy parents and working professionals can trust. Our commitment to quality and style has made OiOi's insulated lunch bags an essential part of countless families and the go-to choice for professionals who are always on the move!

We understand the unique demands of parents, and our insulated bags and lunch bags with shoulder straps are designed to meet those needs. Whether you're juggling a family or navigating the challenges of a demanding career (or even both!), OiOi ensures you stay organised and on top of your lunch game.

At OiOi, we don’t just aim to look after you, but also the environment! All of our insulated lunch bags are made of RPET recycled plastic bottles, good for you and good for the planet – woohoo! 

Our insulated bags have earned the trust and love of parents and professionals alike because we believe that even the simplest accessories shouldn’t just look good, they should work well too!