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How to clean your OiOi baby products

In the world of babies, it is inevitable that your baby gear will experience many accidental spills & spit ups. From a banana left in a forgotten pocket of your nappy bag to a disastrous brown-green explosion in a baby romper, we have heard it all!

Our nappy bags, pram accessories and bamboo clothing have been designed with this in mind. All OiOi products have been designed with premium materials and are as easy to clean as possible.

We have put together a guide on caring for your baby gear so that they will last many years and can be sold or passed on to other parents.

How to clean your nappy bag

how to clean nappy bag

You have invested in the nappy bag of your dreams and it is natural to want to look after it!

All of our nappy bags are made from premium quality materials. They have been independently tested to comply with international standards REACH & CPSIA and are free from Lead Content, Formaldehyde Content (Fabric), Phthalates and Arylamines. We also use YKK zippers for all of our products.

Faux Leather Care Instructions

Our best-selling material for a reason, your new Faux Leather item is easy to clean and water-resistant. Here are some tips for keeping this material in tip-top shape:

  • Please do not machine wash or submerge your bag in water.
  • Avoid leaving your item in direct sunlight for long periods of time.
  • Please keep the item away from harsh surfaces, as this may scratch or damage the exterior.
  • Please do not use leather protector or conditioner to clean the item.
  • Clean the material with a soft and dry cloth.
  • Stains can be cleaned with a lightly damp cloth and mild soap. Please wipe the stain in a soft, circular motion.
  • For stubborn stains such as pen ink marks, use a very small amount of Eucalyptus oil on a clean cloth & rub very gently.
  • Minor scuffs can be concealed with shoe polish. A good local shoe repairer may be able to assist with this.

Nylon Care Instructions

Over our 25 years, we have always sourced high-quality nylons for our range as they are a robust, reliable material. Here are some tips for keeping this material always looking its best:

  • Please do not machine wash or submerge your bag in water.
  • Using a damp cloth, wipe or spot clean. Use a small amount of detergent diluted with warm water. For best results, spot clean as soon as the spill occurs.
  • For more stubborn stains, a soft-bristle toothbrush can also help. Again, use gentle circular motions.
  • Avoid exposure to excessive temperatures, sunlight and moisture.
  • Please do not use baby wipes to clean your nappy bag - the fragrance on the wipes can cause the water-resistant finish to break down.

Authentic Leather Care Instructions

Your new OiOi bag is made of high-quality 100% genuine leather. Leather is a natural material and the look and feel is subject to change over time. Marks and variations in colour and texture are a feature.

  • We recommend applying an approved high quality protective leather product after purchase.
  • Remove food type stains with a dry cloth.
  • Do not clean with water, soap, solvents or stain removers, as this may stain.
  • OiOi advise avoiding exposure to heat or strong light (including sunlight)
  • Subjecting bag to impact, friction or dampness (including rain) may damage the surface finish.
  • Some colour transfer may occur - avoid contact with lighter colours.

Canvas Care Instructions

Lighter colours don't camouflage stains as well as darker colours, so use a touch more care with your new Canvas bag by following these tips:

  • We recommend applying a leather care conditioner to the leather trim after purchase.
  • Subjecting bag to impact, friction or dampness (including rain) may damage the surface finish.
  • If you need to clean the canvas part of the bag, we recommend spot cleaning with cold water & gentle soap and avoiding the leather parts of the bag when cleaning.
  • If you need to clean the leather part of the bag, you can use a dry cloth.

Accessory Care Instructions

If your OiOi accessories are starting to look a bit yuck, they are quick and easy to make good as new again following these instructions: 

  • Baby change mat – gentle machine wash and line dry
  • Insulated bottle holder – gentle machine wash and line dry
  • PVC case – rinse in soapy water
  • Stroller clips – spot clean per nappy bag material instructions

General Care Instructions:

  • Please do not put your nappy bag in the washing machine or immerse in water.
  • Please do not use baby wipes to clean your nappy bag - the fragrance on the wipes can cause the water-resistant finish to break down.
  • We do not recommend overstuffing your bag.

    How to clean your pram caddy

    How to clean pram caddy

    Cleaning your pram caddy (also known as stroller organiser) is a very similar process to cleaning your nappy bag. 

    It is likely that your caddy is likely to be filled with crumbs from on the go snacks or general dirt so be sure to tip it upside down before spot cleaning. Further, to make it easier to reach all of the spaces in your stroller organiser, we recommend that you remove the two partitions.

    How to clean your pram liner

    machine washable pram liner

    All OiOi pram liners are made from a unique poly-twill water resistant fabric which is very easy to clean. Some of our designs also have a poly-fleece reverse.

    For a quick fix, you can simply wipe down your pram liner with a damp cloth or when on the go a tissue or wipe should do the job on the poly-twill side.

    Cleaning your pram liner using the washing machine:

    Our machine washable pram liners will spring back into shape & retain the vibrancy of the print after many washes.

    Simply put your pram liner on a gentle machine wash & line dry. Be mindful of the following when washing your pram liner:

    • Use a mild detergent
    • Use a gentle or delicates washing machine cycle
    • Do not use any bleach
    • Do not tumble dry
    • Do not leave your pram liner to dry under any awnings that may drip water

    When in doubt, please reach out!

    If one of the above methods didn't work for you, please send an email of your stubborn stain to before attempting any other methods so that we can give you the right advice. Be mindful that if you do not follow the instructions on the tag or provided on this article we are unable to honour our warranty on manufacturing faults.