Bubs-Led Weaning Kit

Guides are available on our Instagram

Who will find the most benefit with Bubs-Led weaning tray?

Babies who are starting on their BLW journey. This is the time where throwing food around is common while they are exploring. The BLW tray prevents most food from dropping onto the floor and the nooks and cracks of your high chair.


What baby chair would fit the BLW tray?

The BLW tray fits most baby chairs, including the popular IKEA Antilop chair. Please inquiry directly if any doubts. Email us or DM us @bubsmamy!


Does the BLW Tray fit the Stokke Tripp Trapp chair?

It fits if you are using your own dining table instead of the Tripp Trapp tray. It might be a little snug as stokke is quite wide. Do ensure that your dining table is able to take suction cups to enable the tray to stick on your table.


Why is it so crumpled?

Our BLW trays are made of TPU, and are resistant to oil, grease and abrasion. They are also much softer and smoother to touch. It is impossible to prevent fold marks due to the nature of the material and the packing process. However, after a few usage and hanging, they will smoothen out. This does not affect the purpose and usage of the tray!


How do I fold the tray back?

Hold the tray in front of you, and twist it into a figure of 8, horizontally. Next, push them together like a drawer till it becomes a circle. A video demonstration is available on our instagram @bubsmamy


Does suction bowl works on your BLW tray?

Suction bowls does not work on our BLW tray. We suggest EZPZ plates so the plates will be less slippery.


How do I wash the tray? The food sticks to the adhesive!

Adhesive can be really difficult to clean once food is stuck in it. We suggest a hard bristle brush if it happens. The best way is to prevent it. Please refer to our Instagram for Guides on how to use the BLW kit. 

Please DO NOT wash the tray and DO NOT soak it in water. Only wipe clean with a cloth and lukewarm water.