When to up a Diaper size?

When to up a Diaper size?

"When do I know it's time?" , "How do I determine that it's finally too tight?" , "Help, my baby's diaper kept leaking!!"

Questions that most first time parents will be troubled about!

A General Guideline:

1. Baby Clothes went up a Size

When it is time to swap those baby clothes, it is probably time to up your diaper size too! 

2. Butt is starting to Show

Somehow, it seems like your baby is close to wearing a G-String now. It is not the right size! 

3. Tight waistband

Look at those tape fastener. The further the tape is from the belly button, the closer it is to upsize your diaper soon!

4. Red Marks around the Thighs

Obviously your baby is growing healthy and chubby! Yay! Most of the time, those red marks are huge indicator that the diaper size is now too tight.

5. Frequent Leaks

Are you a zombie changing bedsheets every night now? Its leaks and it leaks and then the poonami, OH MY. Is it the brand? Maybe, check the size? 

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