Portable Bidet great for Postpartum relief
Portable Bidet great for Postpartum relief


Portable Bidet (Postpartum Hygiene Care)

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Mummy, you are a Legend! 

This Portable Bidet cleans your sensitive area with the gentleness you deserve after a fight. Best to use after every toilet business, especially the poos. 

Control the angle and strength as you go along. This thing is a MUST in your hospital bag, thank us later!

Also useful to wash your baby's butt during diaper changes! Or even during potty training after!

For a complete postpartum healing experience, choose our Postpartum Kit (Vaginal Birth), which includes our MamyCool Instant Cool Maternity Pad

300ml capacity 

Materials: BPA Free (Bottle material EVA plastic, nozzle and cap is ABS plastic)