Malo. Story


/ mah : low /

meaning little or small;

a term of endearment referring to that of a baby or small child.

origin; eastern europe

Consciously made in Australia using natural and clean ingredients.

Purposely formulated as a practical and ecoluxe alternative for the modern parent.

"MALO. became a personal journey for me after an experience on an overseas trip with my son Joseph (then 4 months old).

I will never forget those first few days abroad. It had been a stressful experience with a newborn, and nappy change was relentless. On the airplane, on the go, everywhere!

I needed a solution that was practical and easy, so I could change my little one's nappy and keep moving, without worrying about a whole heap of nappy rash cream gunk all over my hands. 

I needed nappy change to be easy, because I was always on-the-go. My life didn't stop when I had a baby, and I think most mums today can relate to that. 

Developing a natural, Australian made Nappy Rash Spray just seemed to make sense. Keeping the ingredients clean and simple, and the packaging modern and minimalist was important. Because mum's should continue to feel good about what they put on their baby, and about themselves. I didn’t want the packaging to feed into traditional stereotypes, so as a mum I wanted it to flow with anything else I had in my bag and speak to a modern neutral aesthetic”.

- Sonya Khouri, Founder

MALO. is consciously made in Australia from simple, clean ingredients that work. 

"We are striving towards a future where you don't need to check labels for toxic ingredients"

- Sonya Khouri