Baby at Pororo Park Play Gym Singapore

Pororo Park during Covid times?

Pororo Park is one of the most popular parks in Singapore which is toddler friendly. They are many reviews catered to them pre-Covid, but how about during this period of the pandemic? Here at Bubsmamy, we hope this guide and first hand experience of Pororo Park during Covid times will give you a better understanding and confidence in them!

It is worth knowing that the park is operating at a 25% occupancy rate (accurate as on 26/07/2021). That means more space and fun for the kiddos! Please remember to book and buy your tickets online before visiting.

There are a few enhanced measurements that Pororo Park has implemented...

We would just like to break it down into 4 main highlights:

(These information can be found here.)

1. Safe distancing measure

There are staffs available in every corner to ensure safe distancing measure are being implemented. Accompanying parents are quite aware of keeping their distances with everyone as well.

2. Face Mask

Everyone is on face mask except for young babies and toddlers. There were no exceptions! We felt safe the whole time there.

3. Hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are at easily accessible corners in the entire park. For sanitizer Queen Mamas, no need to bring a hand sanitizer along with you! Of course, if you need to, no one is stopping you. Just remember to keep it with you and not leave it lying around to prevent younger babies to play with it by accident. 

4. Play Zone Capacity

This was great to know! There are signs written at every zone so you know if the capacity has reached. Staffs are there to ensure that each zone is not overcrowded. 


The next question that Bubsmamy would constantly explore for our Mummies:

Is Pororo Park suitable for ages 1 and below?


Here are 4 reasons why the park is equally fun for your young babies and younger toddlers!

1. Free Entry! 

Entry is free for babies under 1 year old. Adult prices are S$7.50 each. 

2. Nursery Rooms

For mummies who need privacy to pump or breastfeed, the nursery room is spacious and clean, complete with a tap and changing area.

Baby room at Pororo Park

Nursing room at Pororo park

3. Massage Chairs

Or, you could also choose to pay for a massage session while feeding your child! Or simply for exhausted parents... How thoughtful!

Massage Chair at Pororo Park

4. Play zones suitable for under 1

Some play zones are great for babies under 12 months of age in Pororo Park. We believe with careful supervision, most of the areas are suitable except for solo rides like the Pororo Express (train ride).

Here are some that we tried:

Sharks Ball Pit:

Baby in Ball Pit Pororo Park

As you can see, it's quite empty and there's plenty of safe distancing!

Baby in Ball Pit Pororo Park

Pororo House:

Pororo House

Pororo House Musical Wall

Hinoki Pit:

Hinoki Pit at Pororo Park for toddlers

For Hinoki pit, we would suggest babies who can tell the difference between food and toys. These are potential choking hazards that require strict supervision.

Hinoki Pit at Pororo Park

Poby's Play Gym:

Play Gym for babies

Play Gym

Note the capacity signage!

Baby in Gym Area Pororo Park

Play Gym for babies and toddlers

Toddler's Area:

Toddler Gym Area

Eddy's Classroom:

They have been converted into a soft play area for young babies!

Soft Play area Young Babies in Pororo Park

For an easier visualization, here's a map from Pororo Park's online site. 

Pororo Park Attraction Map 

Good to know: 

If you drive, do look out for the Red Parking Zone! 
Here’s a video from Pororo Park showing us where are the Red Parking Zone!

Lockers are also available near the entrance of the park.

Lockers at Pororo Park

So there you go, our brief take on Pororo Park during Covid. If you have more to share, please comment down below for our readers!

Thank you for visiting Bubsmamy

Some pictures are kindly shared by our Mummy friend, Wanjun, and family. Thank you so much for the share.


If you would like to share anything/anywhere that will bring value to the Bubsmamy community of parents, especially under 1 year of age, please feel free to reach out!
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