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Pregnancy Relaxation Kit

Pregnancy Relaxation Kit

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This kit includes:

- Malo Himalayan Salt Massage Ball

- Malo Super-Seed Belly Oil

Paired beautifully for the ultimate relaxation during pregnancy and beyond. This is a perfect luxury gift set for expecting mothers. 


Directions: Using the ball, gently massage all over the body, except the face. We recommend using with our Super-Seed Belly Oil. To do this, rinse the stone with warm water, pat dry and apply oil to the stone. Let it sit & absorb into the stone. Then massage as needed to tired, aching muscles. Stone may be warmed in the microwave on low for up to 20secs for a penetrating heat. To clean your stone, rinse with water and pat dry. Allow to fully dry before storing.


Please Read

Super-Seed Belly Oil is made in limited batches using a cold-press method.

Current batch manufactured in March 2022.

One year expiry date (which is common among most pure, raw & natural oils - as there is no synthetic fillers or preservatives to prolong the shelf-life.) It is safe to use beyond as long as there are no signs of change of colour or odour.

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