Instant Cool Maternity Pads
Instant Cool Maternity Pads
Instant Cool Maternity Pads


MamyCool Instant Cool Maternity Pads

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Oh Mummy! The potential tears and soreness you have to deal with after a vaginal birth. 

Yes, we know how it feels down there and this MamyCool instant cool maternity pads absorbs your lochia and cools your tender area instantly for approximately 20 minutes

Forget about freezing your pads in your freezer! Just shake, bend it in half, and POP! An instant "padsicle" for you.

Normalise the vagina mess after birth. Choose MamyCool for the first days of comfort.

For a complete experience, pair it with our Portable Bidet for the ultimate convenience. Or, find the Postpartum Kit here

Each box contains 3 pads. 

This product is Non-Sterile and a Single Use item. It does not treat diseases.