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Eco Baby Where Are You _____?

Eco Baby Where Are You _____?

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Unlike other touch and feel books, these Eco Baby range by DK is completely plastic-free. It is made from responsibly sourced cardboard and everything in the book is completely recyclable.

 5 titles available.

- Colourful illustrations provide a bold contrast to the natural cardboard pages, making this a book that will stand out on the shelf.

- Beautiful natural scenes surround charming animals, making every page a delight.

- Simple text is ideal for reading aloud, or for young children just starting their reading journeys.

- Little readers will love running their hands along the fun corrugated cardboard elements and tracing the cut-out sections.

From Bubsmamy: This is a great book that is suitable for all ages. We recommend starting from 3 months as that's when baby starts to develop their motor skills. These books with different textures will bound to excite!

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