Words of encouragement to New Mums

Words of encouragement to New Mums

From Adelaide, Australia, Hannah strives to use humour to celebrate real motherhood. The different sides to her new motherhood journey has encouraged Hannah to use her expertise - illustration, bringing reality and support to the motherhood community. 

We had the honour to bring her quirky and cute Motherhood greeting cards to Singapore and inject some fun to our community here in this small tiny island! 


Hello! Please introduce yourself and Red Head Designs.

Hey there! My name is Hannah and I’m the redhead behind Redhead Designs. I’m 31 years old and a new mum to a 7 month old! I live in Adelaide, Australia. Redhead Designs began gaining momentum when I was pregnant and I’ve carried it through to motherhood now. I’ve had so many hobbies throughout my life but illustrating has always remained constant.


What was your inspiration behind Red Head Designs?

I wanted to bring humour to this new chapter in my life, whilst at the same time demystifying and celebrating real motherhood. My goal was to stray away from the typical image of the life of a new mum, like living in love bubbles, happy all the time and managing with ease, as this was a far cry from my experience. I had a bout of postnatal depression following the birth of my daughter and spending time illustrating comical cartoons really helped me through an incredibly difficult time. Whenever I had a moment to myself, out would come the iPad.


We are so excited to bring the humor behind your work to Singapore! Do you have any message for our Mummy Community here?

Motherhood is a time where women are both praised and judged at the same time. Sometimes, choices women make are scrutinised, leaving new mum’s feeling isolated, helpless and ashamed. Using humour strips away the harsh criticism and brings it back to basics - a total awareness that this IS HARD and we truly can’t take ourselves too seriously.


Do you have any advice to new parents out there who are embarking on their parenthood journey?

I’m still working it all out myself! I’ve never before had so many emotions co-existing together. From love to guilt, to joy to sadness – this is an unbelievable ride that certainly has no manual. My advice is to do what works for you, forget late night google searches, let go of all expectations and just roll with the punches. I also think turning to my mum and older friends that have had children helped so much in breaking down the expectations created by new mums on social media.

Thank you for agreeing to this interview, Hannah! We are so very excited to bring your fun designs to Singapore!

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