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Why is Play important during the first year of life?

Children, and sometimes even adults, learn best when they are having fun. Play is more than an exercise for motor skills. Play enhances a young child’s cognitive and social skills as well as a suitable outlet for emotions. Play is an important component to overall development and that is a fact.  The Benefits of Play  Any unstructured activity that has no definite rules can be considered play. It is really all about having fun! But more than sheer enjoyment, a child at play is reaping benefits as she interacts with the people and materials around her.  Social and emotional development Parents are the baby’s first playmates. Playing together is a healthy way for the family to bond as these moments...

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Types of Play Activities for Babies at 6-12 Months

Congratulations, you are halfway through the first year of your child’s life! It may seem like the growth has peaked or rapidly happening that you can barely keep up. Whichever the case may be, know that your little one is continually learning and playing with her is still the best way to satisfy that need.   At this stage, your child may be more mobile as she learns the art of crawling, cruising and walking. There is no stopping her as she skillfully navigates her surroundings. That is why it is important to begin (if you haven’t already) childproofing your home at this point. You child’s safety should remain your number one concern as you encourage her to explore while...

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Types of play activities for babies at 0-6 months

Children of all ages and sizes naturally love to play. This is a universal truth as you will find even a young infant responding with a smile when you play with her. They develop the necessary life skills at their own rate. Adults can encourage growth by giving them daily opportunities to practice these skills in a fun and safe environment.   There are developmentally-appropriate practices to be mindful of as we interact with our children. These are methods that promote a child’s development through play-based learning that gets the child engaged. The timing for introducing an activity is also crucial for infants. When the child is in her active and alert mode during the day, this is an optimal time...

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