Books for babies' first year of life

Book guide for babies' first year

The amount of books in the bookstores and libraries! 

Isn't there an easier way to choose the right books for my baby's age?

We took this issue to heart and decided to categorize our books accordingly. Of course, every book that we stock have lots of mileage in them through the toddler years after. But at which stage should you start introducing a particular title? 

0-3 months: 

At this stage, your newborn's vision is still weak. Books with high-contrast, bold or black and white illustrations will be enjoyable! Cloth books are great too as they are safe for your babies to grab and feel the textures on it. 

Tummy times are encouraged. Lie next to your baby during tummy time session and read to them! 

3-6 months:

Baby's vision is starting to see colours! How fun!

They are also starting to develop their motor skills. This is a great time to incorporate books with different textures to promote these skills. 

6-9 months:

Wiggly baby starts here. It is now getting challenging to sit for a book. Instead of pushing them and risk unhappy association with books, just read a little throughout the day. They now learn object permanence (bring out those flap books!) and starting to learn simple words too! 

Oh yes, the drool starts and putting objects in their mouth is a daily occurrence now! Indestructibles are perfect for occasions as such.

9-12 months:

First words, sound imitation and lots of movement. Any book that encourages that are bound to be fun. Think action books with lots of interaction!

We hope this gives you the Confidence to embark on your child's reading journey!

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